5 Best Pocket Spring Mattress in India (2021)

A spring mattress is made of metal spring, wrapped in fabric. It is further divided into 2 types: open coil and pocket spring mattress.

  • Open Coil Mattress
  • Pocket Spring Mattress

Open coil Mattress
Metal springs in open coil mattresses are interconnected, therefore all the coils move together. Open coil mattress is also known as an innerspring mattress.

The biggest drawback of this type of mattress is motion transfer. When one person makes movement in the bed, the other one will be disturbed. They also don’t provide good contouring around your body and don’t allow very comfortable sleep.

Pocket Spring Mattress
Metal springs in Pocket spring mattress are not connected to each other, so each pocket spring moves independently while distributing your body weight according to the pressure level of your body parts.

It allows good contouring around your body, therefore pocket spring mattress provides more support and comfort to your heavy body parts such as hip area and spine.

It also helps to maintain good spinal posture, as a result, helps to prevent and provide relief in neck and back pain issues.

A pocket spring mattress is also known as many other names such as pocket sprung, Pocket Coils & Wrapped Coils.

  • Low- medium cost.
  • Medium durability.
  • An average lifespan of pocket spring mattress is between 7-10 years.
  • No motion transfer: in pocket spring mattress, wherever you are lying only that area will be pressed down. If your partner moves a lot during night sleep then pocket spring mattress can be a good option for you.
  • No heat-trapping from your own body because of good air circulation in a spring mattress.
  • It contours well around your body, which means it provides good support comfort for all of your body parts.
  • This mattress can be your liking if you don’t like the feeling of sinking or being stuck in your mattress because Spring mattress provides bouncy feeling when you roll over in bed.
  • Heavier in weight.
  • Doesn’t provide extra soft surface when compared to the foam mattress.

5 Best Pocket spring Mattress in India

Boston Classic Pocket Spring Pillow Top Mattress for Bed

Spring mattress
Boston mattress

The mattress is made of pocket springs and high resilience foam. Each pocket spring moves independently, wherever you are lying down, only those springs will be pressed down and others pocket springs will be unaffected. If one partner is changing positions frequently during the sleep, others will not be affected because of independent pocket springs. The thick layer of foam is used to create a pillow top. Pillow layer is thick to provide cushion and better support to the body. Tosses and turns of your partner is nontransferable using no disturbance technology. Hundreds of pocket springs are provide for support and ensure long lasting life of mattress. Its Air Ventilation Technology provides better air circulation, improving your overall sleeping experience.


  • The pillow top provides a softer surface for back support and comfort.
  • Helps to relieve pain and pressure points
  • 100% Pure Sleep Grade Foam
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Thick cushioning layer
  • Durable Support
  • Viscose fabric prevents heat-trapping on the surface of the mattress
  • Available in white & grey color

(Single) 72*36*7

(Double) 75*48*7

(Queen) 78*60*7

(King) 78*72*7

Urban Ladder Dreamlite 8-inch King Size Bonnel Spring Mattress with Eurotop

Urban laddar bonnel spring mattress
Urban laddar bonnel spring mattress

This lightweight mattress is made from foam and Bonnel springs. Anti-corrosive and high carbon wires enhances the durability of the mattress ensuring its longer life. Springs and foam encasing on the edges to create good edge support and prevent edge roll-off. Super high quality soft foam increased comfort and reduce turning and tossing during sleep. It also improves back support. These mattress comes with innerspring technology, enhance back support and increase the life of the mattress. This dreamy mattress comes with springs attached. Reinforced spring with edge support system avoid sagging and edge roll-off.  Top foam quilting is made for softness, while its knitted fabric offers you a best sleep experience.


  • Lightweight mattress.
  • Good back support.
  • Good edge support to prevent falling out from the edge of the mattress.
  • Minimal motion transfer.



Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress

Wake-up pocket spring mattress
Wake-up pocket spring mattress

The Wake- Up mattress is made from foam and steel springs. The mattress is equipped with a quilted foam layer on the top for softer support and comfort. Pocket Spring mattress is a luxury and cushiony mattress for a comfortable sleep with zero partner disturbance technology. Pocket coil mattresses allow blood & oxygen to flow more efficiently throughout our bodies by relieving the pressure points. Pocket coils are springs wrapped individually in a fabric sleeve. Spring Mattresses have a leading edge over other types of mattresses because it provides better support and comfort to your body. Pocket Spring mattress doesn’t release heat as the open spring construction ensure adequate air circulation. The mattress provides great support by distributing body weight evenly and has longer life due individual springs action. The mattress should support body weight evenly over the surface of mattress such that the hip and shoulder area should be accommodated without sagging of the back.


  • Contouring support for pain and pressure relief.
  • Good support system on edges to prevent falling out from the edge of the mattress
  • Enhanced bounciness
  • High Density (HD) Foam.
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Knitted breathable fabric

(Single) 72*36*6

(Double) 78*48*6

(Queen) 78*60*6

(King) 78*72*6

SleepX Presented by Sleepwell Exceller Memory Foam Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress – with Free Pillows

SleepX pocket spring mattress
SleepX pocket spring mattress

The mattress is made of pocket springs and memory foam. Three layers of foam provide excellent support and comfort. Enhanced pressure point relief, luxurious comfort & optimal support, ideal spinal alignment and revitalize a hectic day with the aid of our extremely comfy Brill mattress! Each and every day and night comfortable, all thanks to Sleepwell! SleepX Presented by Sleepwell Exceller Memory Foam Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress with Free Pillows having experience of 40 years of excellence in manufacturing. We guarantees good night rest for the coming years. It makes your morning fresh, amazing and full of energy. This all because of high quality PU foam. It is best investment for your health prospective for future. 


  • Provides optimum support for back and pressure point relief
  • The knitted fabric on the top for rich look and feel
  • The anti-slip fabric on the base
  • No heat-trapping from your own body
  • No motion transfer
  • Better Hygiene & Freshness
  • Low- medium cost.



Boston Hotel Comfort Bonnel Spring Mattress for Bed

Boston Mattress
Boston mattress

Boston mattress is made of Bonell springs and high resilience foam. The cushioning foam layer on the top provides a softer surface for optimal comfort. Fabric with quilted unique cover includes cushions foam and good air circulation foam technology. Made from hundred percent pure graded foam with plastic mesh which enhance the padding layer life. High gauge Bonnel spring are durable and supportive to run for longer duration. Paddling layer life increased by plastic mesh by adding in the mattress. It make sure that mattress remain hygienic and clean by proper air ventilation. Made from hourglass springs joined together to form a mat. Proved with leading edge for better support for body, suitable for hospitals beds. It accommodate your body without sagging and distribute weight evenly. Mattress is made up with almost 15 layers to ensure back support. 


  • Cushioning foam layer on the top provides a comfortable sleeping surface
  • Relieves pressure from heavier body parts and distribute your body weight evenly
  • Good air circulation technology
  • High Resilience (HR) Foam
  • Heavy Duty Gauge Coils
  • Plastic Mesh enhances the life of the padding layer
  • The knitted fabric on the outer cover
  • Available in white and grey

(Single) 72*36*6

(Double) 78*48*6

(Queen) 78*60*6

(King) 78*72*6

Best Possible Alternatives Of Pocket Spring Mattress

Coir Mattress ( Eco-Friendly & Cheapest Mattress Available in India)

Foam Mattress ( Very Soft & Comfortable Mattress)

Peps Bonnel Spring Mattress ( Budget friendly Mattress With Minimum Motion Transfer)

If you are confused that which type of mattress (Coir, Foam, Memory Foam, Latex, Pocket Spring or Orthopedic) is perfect for you then Read Our Complete Mattress Buying Guide With Pros & Cons. Otherwise use the below list to view other types of mattresses.

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