4 Best Latex Mattress in India with Reviews, Price (2020)

Below Table of contents, you can find our collection of Best Latex Mattresses available in India. We have provided detailed reviews with daily Updated Prices. For your convenience Prices of all basic sizes (Single, Double, Queen, King) are Updated daily.

List of 4 Best Latex Mattress in India

1. Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Certified Organic Mattress

Dreamzee natural organic mattress
Dreamzee natural organic mattress

This Dreamzee mattress is made of 100% natural latex. It is free of chemicals. Organic cotton is used for the outer fabric layer.


  • Provides cushioning support and relieves pressure
  • Pin core formation improves air circulation
  • Maintains ideal temperature for good sleep, stays cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Naturally resistant to dust mites and bacterial growth

(Single) 72*36*6

(Double) 78*48*6

(Queen) 78*60*6

(King) 78*72*6

2. Boston 100% Pure Certified Organic Natural Latex Mattress

Boston organic latex mattress
Boston organic latex mattress

This Boston mattress is made from 100 percent natural certified organic latex. No synthetic latex and harmful chemicals are used. Organic cotton material is used for the outer fabric. The mattress is suitable for every kind of sleeper including back, side and stomach sleepers.


  • Provides a supportive surface for sleep by relieving pressure from your body
  • Pin core formation for fabric craft which improves the breathability of the mattress
  • Breathable material keeps you cool in summer and provides warmth in winter
  • Cotton wading on the outer cover is good for people who are prone to allergies because it is naturally hypoallergenic
  • Natural latex actively prevent mold, mildew, dust mites and microbial growth

(72 x 48 x 5)

(78 x 36 x 7)

3. Foams India Natural Latex Pearl Mattress

Latex pearl mattress
Latex pearl mattress

The mattress is made of 100 percent natural latex and 100 percent natural latex rubber foam. The material is certified from ISO. No toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.


  • Relieves pressure and provides excellent support and comfort
  • Helps to relieve body pain
  • 9800 pin core holes for better air circulation and to keep you cool
  • Does not sag

(Single) 72*36*6

(Double) 78*48*6

(Queen) 78*60*6

(King) 78*72*6

4. PURESLEEP Natural Latex Foam Toppers

Latex Foam toppers
Latex Foam toppers

This latex foam topper is made from natural latex. No harmful chemicals are used. If your mattress is too firm for you, this latex topper can be used to provide a softer surface for a peaceful sleep.


  • Latex provides springy feeling and it does not sag
  • Natural latex allows good air circulation and keeps you cool during sleep
  • Cushioning support and helps to relieve body pains by maintaining correct body posture throughout the night
  • Natural latex prevents dust mites and microbial growth

(Single) 72*36*2

(Double) 78*48*2

(Queen) 78*60*2

(King) 78*72*2

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How Latex Mattress are Prepared ? (Pros/Cons)

Latex is a natural material collected from the sap of a rubber tree. Apart from natural latex, there are 2 other types of latex is available in the market, Dunlop latex and Talalay latex. Dunlop and Talalay latex, both can be natural or synthetic, it depends on their manufacturing process. Talalay latex is more softer and bouncier than Dunlop latex.

Latex is eco –friendly material, therefore it can be a good alternative for coir mattress.
The latex mattress has a natural springiness.

  • Environment-friendly.
  • Extremely durable material.
  • Natural bounciness.
  • Latex is highly breathable material, it naturally has an open cell structure which allows adequate air circulation inside the mattress therefore, it keeps you cool during rest or sleep.
  • Mould according to the natural curvature of your body, therefore it provides cushioned support to your body during sleep.
  • Good for relieving body or joint pain.
  • You are not affected by your partner’s movement because it does not exhibit motion transfer.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Natural latex itself is resistant to dust and mites.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Expensive than spring or regular foam mattress.

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