5 Best Coir Mattress in India with Reviews, Price (2021)

Rubberized coir mattress is basically made of coconut coir fiber. Coconut coir itself is a hard material, so the top layer of coir mattress is rubberized with foam or latex. This eco-friendly mattress provides medium-firm support to your body. Some people may not like the firmness of this mattress. They have a little harder surface than spring, foam or latex mattresses. They are one of the Best Cheapest Coir mattress available in India.

These mattresses have a life span of near about 5 years. After that they start sagging.

  • Low cost.
  • Made from eco- friendly material.
  • Stays cool in the summer due to coconut coir’s moisture-absorbing ability and good ventilation in and out of coir fiber, therefore good for hot summers in India.
  • No motion transfer when your partner is rolling over in bed.
  • They don’t trap much dust, therefore good for people with allergies from dust.
  • Short durability.
  • They have approximately 5 years of lifespan. Then they start to sagging & loose firmness.
  • Medium soft or little hard when compared to other types of mattresses.
  • It will not be a good option for people who like to sleep on a very soft surface.

5 Best Coir Mattress in India

Extra Sleep Coir Mattress Orthopaedic Care, Cotton Breathable Fabric Mattresses

Extra Sleep Coir Mattress
Extra Sleep Mattress

It’s a natural rubberized coir mattress. Coir is a hard material, the top layer is rubberized with PU foam to increase the support of mattress and to create a softer surface for restful sleep. Also helpful to maintain natural posture of body for peaceful sleep. Made with high quality material to ensure long lasting and extreme comfort. The Quilted Cotton fabric provides soft feel, while providing air ventilation to your extra sleep coir mattress. It also helps in providing the right temperature to the bed and to your body as well. High quality material provide durability and flawless structure so that you can enjoy your mattress for many years to come. Perfect for kids, as they can play on the mattress without any worries. Flawless air ventilation and breathable support keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer which helps to keep right temperature of your body.


  • Natural rubberized coir provides excellent back support and maintains the correct posture of your body
  • Anti-Allergic and nontoxic material high grade cotton  
  • Provide luxurious comfort
  • Premium Cotton Fabric material
  • Air Ventilation
  • 100 % natural coir and cotton
  • Kids Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Breathable fabric regulates the ideal temperature for peaceful sleep

We have provided detailed reviews with daily Updated Prices. For your convenience Prices of all basic sizes (Single, Double, Queen, King) are Updated daily.

(Single) 72*36*4

(double) 78*48*4

(Queen) 78*60*4

(King) 78*72*4

Sleepwell Starlite Select Extra Firm Coir Mattress

Sleep well Starlite coir mattress
Sleepwell starlite

Sleepwell Starlite extra firm coir mattress is made from high-density rubberized coir. It has 2 layers. Soft PU foam layer provides softer support and the air mesh fabric layer helps to increase air circulation inside the mattress.one of the most comfortable mattress made with high density rubberized coir with dual PU layers for better support and air mesh fabric to ensure air circulation and hygiene.  The Pu layer also improve support, comfort level and long lasting property. Coir layer made with natural rubberized help to correct the posture of body and support your back. This medium size mattress with the natural goodness available in affordable price in 3 charming colors-Beige, Purple and Red.


  • Medium-firm mattress
  • PU foam provides a softer top layer for a comfortable sleep
  • Natural goodness of Coir
  • Improved air ventilation-Airmesh fabric
  • Air mesh fabric improves air circulation and keeps you cool during night sleep
  • No built up round edges with passage of time
  • Affordable price
  • Available in Red, Beige & Purple

(Single) 78*36*5



Springtek Luxury Boom-Health Coir Foam Mattress

Springtek coir mattress
Springtek coir Mattress

It is an orthopedic and semi-firm mattress. Anti-bacterial fabric is used for the outer cover. This is a reversible mattress, both sides of the mattress can be used. This mattress is made with authentic materials which makes this mattress long lasting as well as comfortable. It comes with exquisitely designed imported anti-microbial knitted fabric cover. Knitted fabric provides premium feel, while providing breathability to your mattress.  It also helps in providing the right temperature to the bed and to your body. PU foam comfort layer enhances the Comfort support of the mattress.


  • Semi- firm mattress
  • Anti-bacterial outer cover fabric
  • Reversible mattress, it can be flipped on both sides
  • Knitted fabric enhances air circulation inside the mattress and regulates ideal temperature for restful sleep
  • Natural coir and cotton
  • Kids Friendly
  • Affordable price

(Single) 72*36*4

(Queen) 78*60*4

(King) 78*72*4

Wake-Up Rubberised Coir Mattress

Wake-up coir mattress
Wake-Up Coir Mattress

This is a firm mattress made of blended coir and foam. Rubberized coir allows good air circulation inside the mattress and maintains an ideal sleeping temperature. Rubberized Coir is a natural fiber and is relatively airier in design. This helps air to circulate well inside the mattress and maintains a relatively cool sleeping temperature. Also, coir is a naturally a hygroscopic material and hence is absorbs moisture from the air. Our Mattress is made in such a way that it reticulated layers circulate the air properly inside the mattress and maintains an ideal temperature for sleeping. Blended coir with PU foam gives peerless & plush support to the body. A top layer of fabric ensures a smooth, rich feel if you are going to purchase a mattress, it makes financial sense to purchase a very long-lasting one. The comfort mattresses by Wake Up combine optimum cushioning with durable body shape support.


  • Firm mattress
  • High-density foam and multiple layers of rubberized coir are used in the manufacturing process of this mattress
  • Coir is a natural hygroscopic material which absorbs moisture from the air and maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Longer lifetime
  • Durability
  • Multi layered rubberized Coir mattress

(Single) 72*36*4

(Double) 78*48*5

(Queen) 78*60*4

(King) 78*72*4

Shagun Rubberised Coir Mattress

Shagun Coir Mattress
Shagun Coir Mattress

It is a rubberized coir mattress. Enjoy comfortable sleep every day with Shagun coir mattress. Cover made with exquisitely crafted fiber. It make your every morning amazing with ultra-comfort. High density coir quilted with premium fabric cover ensure the air ventilation for better hygiene. We offer great value of money with extra comfort and peaceful sleep. They have a harder surface than spring, foam or latex mattresses. They are one of the Best Cheapest Coir mattress available in India. This eco-friendly mattress provides medium-firm support to your body. Some people may not like the firmness of this mattress.


  • High-density rubberized coir mattress
  • Quilted cover for enhanced comfort
  • Made from eco- friendly material.
  • No motion transfer
  • Ensures immaculate comfort
  • Economy price
  • Non trap dust
  • Anti-allergic

(Single) 72*36*4

(Double) 78*48*4

(Queen) 78*60*4

(King) 78*72*4

Coir Mattress Alternatives

Peps Bonnel Spring Mattress ( Budget Friendly Option with minimum motion Transfer)

Pocket Spring Mattress ( No Motion Transfer & Good option For a person Suffering From Back Pain)

Foam Mattress ( Very Soft & Comfortable Mattress)

If you are confused that which type of mattress (Coir, Foam, Memory Foam, Latex, Pocket Spring or Orthopedic) is perfect for you then Read Our Complete Mattress Buying Guide With Pros & Cons. Otherwise use the below list to view other types of mattresses.

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